We reached the last station of our journey, Mcleod Ganj near Dharamsala, the exile home of the H. H. 14th Dalai Lama, after a beautiful full moon night on February 5th 2007. We're staying here for two months and then, on April 5th we will be on our way back home to Berlin!

In our online photo album you can find seven chapters of photos. You can watch them in a slideshow or by skipping through on your own. (see link list beside) open in a new window: Newsletter 7 - all photos
The photos are about our stay in Mcleod Ganj and the first weeks back at home in Berlin.

Gyamtso from Mcleod Ganj sent us his video about Johannes' Tibetan school. open in a new window: Tibetan Children's Village School Upper TCV, Dharamsala

In this blog you can read texts which Johannes has written in school. Among diary entries in which Johannes tells about his experiences in upper TCV school, you can read a short story called "The Job".

For the time being, this was our last newsletter about the journey 2006/07. Next comes Johannes' second pupils exchange with the Chinese partner school in October. The group from Beijing will visit us in Berlin in June.

Enjoy reading and watching,

Christiane and Johannes